Meet the people that started it all


Fab is excited about the working culture of the future and wants to showcase those who already embrace it – thanks to today’s technology.

Fab lives everyday what others have called “the future of work”: he left his awesome job at Zendesk to be the Founder & CEO of he helps his clients to develop the customer service of tomorrow. And he does it from the beaches of Jamaica, coffee shops in San Francisco or his office in Berlin, because he believes that working “location-time-boss-independent” is the closest you can get to freedom while making a living.
He lived in Chile, dreams in Spanish and it's easy to think the German was a Latino in his former life. is Fab's initiative and he leads the gang involved to make it happen. Tracking down the people portrayed, and sharing their stories in front of the camera is his main job in Not to forget making sure that survives this trip…


Dom is thrilled* to take on the challenge to run and grow while crossing South America in a Landrover serving as a mobile office.

Dominic is a Romanian project manager and startup enthusiast with a soft spot for design and usability. But also for languages, cultures and.. well... plain la vida loca. That's why he abandons his existence as a bedroom entrepreneur to hit the road with Fab and Vin. Dominic has been dreaming of a job outside the normal office environment ever since he can remember. Working with freelancers and free thinkers alike has inspired him to start a cloud based business that's set to break the norm of what we used to call work. And he's loving every minute of it. In, his main role is managing the ongoing business operations and proving it’s doable on the road.

*Maybe he’s a little frightened about slow internet connections, but that’s just part of the game called


Vin is looking for inspiration and a way to work from a hammock. The goal: being productive while slurping a coconut.

As of today, Vin is a tattoed German-Vietnamese hobby chef. He didn't go to university or even finish school – he learns on the road. When not in the zone while drawing or playing videogames, Vin travels enthusiastically. Y habla español. That's why he didn't hesitate a second to join Fab and Dom for the trip. In StartupDiaries, he's the joker: private driver, chef, camera man, video reporter and anything else that contributes to the project and fills the books in this school called life.


LaOficina is a distant cousin of Che Guevara’s “La Poderosa” and the lady in the gang. The Landrover Defender doesn’t only move the boys from A to B, she provides them with a home while on the road. LaOficina is the “mobile life”-veteran in the project, having lived on the road since 1997 and some 280.000km in her books. For her sweet 17 years, she’s pretty fearless – with solar panels, fresh water tanks, a kitchen sink, a fire alarm, an axe and a cable winch to pull trees off the road, shes ready to take on any challenge. After having lived with a small family for the past year, she’s ready to let her hair down again. Just like the rest of the team, LaOficina doesn’t need much to be happy: just under 10 litres for 100km and the wind blowing around her pretty expandable roof.