If everything is in the cloud, then why stay at home?


Thanks to new tools and technologies more and more people work independent of time, place and corporate organisations – taking work into their own hands and crafting an alternative lifestyle that’s better for our own souls, our loved ones and possibly our planet. We’re fascinated by the shifting nature of work and believe it is changing the world for the better. We ourselves run an IT business that doesn’t need a street address, just an internet connection. So we have decided to pack up the office and hit the road on a mission to discover alternative working models from Santiago de Chile to Sao Paolo. We’ll be travelling through South America in a Landrover, serving our own clients from this mobile office, coffee shops and co-working spaces while documenting our trip online. But this trip is not just about us – it’s all about other people who use technology to work independently and live the life of their dreams. We meet freelancers, start up entrepreneurs and lifestyle artists. We share their stories, their ideas and the tools that make the way they work possible. Follow our challenge to work, travel and learn at the same time. Escape 9 to 5 with us and learn from others who are doing it their own way. Let’s do this working revolution.