Inspiring Drives: Val Figallo, Working Her Own Way

Inspiring Drives: Val Figallo, Working Her Own Way

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When it comes to redefining how we work, Val Figallo is an inspiration to us at Startup Diaries. A self taught developer from the age of 14, she made the choice on her own to drop out of school. Every kid in the world would jump at that opportunity and perhaps rightfully be denied, but not Val. She made such a strong case, that her parents weren’t able to deny her search for an alternative life path.

And she quickly proved to them that she had made the right choice.

A textbook example of those people who inspire us, this is why we are travelling across South America on our search for the people redefining work. It follows a path that is unexplored, where most people may rightfully call you crazy but you prove them wrong.

Val is a trailblazer. She spoke to Fab in La Oficina as they drove around the streets of Lima. And she explained how a model from the USA and a Western Union payment, changed her life forever. Check out the video on our Youtube channel and don’t forget to subscribe.