Ep. 07: Digital Nomads in the Desert

Ep. 07: Digital Nomads in the Desert

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Our road trip from Santiago into Peru, took us through 3500km of the wildest, most barren landscape you can come across. To the west the Pacific Ocean with crashing waves and endless beaches, dotted with the occasional fishing village. To the right – deserts that stretch as far as the eye could see. A marked contrast from the waterfalls and other landscape we’d been through to date. We would need every bit of the Defender’s ruggedness to make it – without missing a single meeting.

It took a lot of music, patience at the border, offline working, and of course – a shovel and a winch to make this leg of our adventure possible. Arriving in Nazca, we had one of those moments, a moment when this whole crazy adventure felt like it was worth it.