Ep. 06: Santiago – Startup City on the Rise

Ep. 06: Santiago – Startup City on the Rise

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When you think about startup scenes, few people think of cities in South America. Even fewer would think of Santiago.

But that is changing quickly.

Here are a few numbers on Startup Chile, a government backed program to build a world class startup scene.

Here are some numbers (as of March 2015):

17930 Startups have applied to SUP program
1058 Startups have been admitted to the program
2330 Entrepreneurs given funding
75 Countries represented

We had the incredible opportunity to talk to the executive director of SUP, Sebastian Vidal, as well as 3 brilliant entrepreneurs about their projects.

In this episode you will meet:

Startup Chile
Startup Chile

Andres Pinochet – General Manager of Urban Station Chile
Urban Station Chile

Sebastian Vidal – Executive Manager of Startup Chile
Sebastian Vidal on LinkedIn

Pancho Troncoso – Co-Founder of uanbai.com

Bianca Wilk
Bianca on Twitter

Ben Kneppers – Founder of bureoskateboards.com